Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedies in 1945

Children Peace Monument at Peace Memorial Park,Hiroshima

A Young Girl's Death from Leukemia

-Sadako Sasaki
Sadako Sasaki was exposed to the A-bomb at the age of two but escaped without apparent injury.She grew into a strong and healthy girl. Ten years later,in the fall of her sixth year in elementary school, she suddenly contracted luekemia and was hospitalized in February the following year.She folded paper cranes continuosly hoping they would help her recover, but after an eight month battle with desease, she succumbed. Sadako's death triggered a movement to build a monument to all childeren perished due to A-bomb, and the Children's Peace Monument was erected in Peace Memorial Park with donations received from all over Japan. Sadako's story has since travelled around the world. Now, countless paper cranes are sent to this monument every year.

Paper Cranes made by myself>>>>>>>>>>>>


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