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Sabtu, 5 September 2009

Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedies in 1945

Paper cranes made by Sadako Sasaki

Sadako's story (the true story)

Sadako Sasaki was exposed to the Atomic Bomb(A-Bomb) in her house about 1700 meter from the hypocenter. She appeared to have no serious injury. While she and her mother fleeing, they were caught in the black rain.
Sadako grew strong and healthy, and was an exellent athlete. She was a valuable member of her class realay team in the school athletc meet.

Late November 1954
Sadako wa in the sixth grade. She caught a mild cold. She developed lumps on her neck tha were swollen like mumps by January the next year. The persistence of her symptoms led to a thorough examination in mid February. The report to her father was "Luekemia, a year to live at most. Immediate hospitalization recomended."

February 21, 1955
Sadako was admitted to the Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital, where she received transusions and other treatment.

Her white blood cell count had risen to six times that of a healthy child. She was given medicine that temporarily reduced the white blood cells.
Her white blood cells count shot up again.She was given the same medicine, but the treatment was terminated due to side effects.

August 3
Paper cranes were sent to Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital to cheer up the A-Bomb patients. When she saw the beautiful cranes, Sadako decided to fold her own. She had heard that folding a thousand paper cranes would make a wish come true, so she determined to fold that number herself. By the end of August, she had folded than a thousand cranes, each one invested with the wish to get well. Undaunted, Sadako continued to fold cranes.

End of September
Her white blood cells increased for the third time.

Mid October
Her temperature rose to 40 degrees. Her legs throbbed painfully,and she lost all appetite. Eventually, she could no longer walk unassisted, and the pain kept her from sleeping. On the 24th her necrotic left leg was swollen to 1.5 times its normal size.

Morning of October 25
Sadako passed awy with her family standing by. Her funeral was held the next day at local temple. Sadako's death was reported in the newspaper as the "Death of a Patient with A-Bomb Disease"

Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedies in 1945

Children Peace Monument at Peace Memorial Park,Hiroshima

A Young Girl's Death from Leukemia

-Sadako Sasaki
Sadako Sasaki was exposed to the A-bomb at the age of two but escaped without apparent injury.She grew into a strong and healthy girl. Ten years later,in the fall of her sixth year in elementary school, she suddenly contracted luekemia and was hospitalized in February the following year.She folded paper cranes continuosly hoping they would help her recover, but after an eight month battle with desease, she succumbed. Sadako's death triggered a movement to build a monument to all childeren perished due to A-bomb, and the Children's Peace Monument was erected in Peace Memorial Park with donations received from all over Japan. Sadako's story has since travelled around the world. Now, countless paper cranes are sent to this monument every year.

Paper Cranes made by myself>>>>>>>>>>>>

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